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Henderson's Housekeeping Cottage, Sparrow Lake, Ontario, Canada



"Welcome to Grandview." That's the friendly phrase that has greeted families for over 88 years on Sparrow Lake. Many of our families are in their 4th generation, returning year after year for more summer vacation fun. Grandview, now part of the Grandview Lakeside Community Club (GLCC), has active cottages replacing the former lodge. Staying in Beachview 6  not only gives you access to beautiful beachfront right at your feet, a shallow sandy bottom swimming area, but allows you to enjoy the entire Grandview property. Situated on picturesque Grandview Point on Sparrow Lake, guests can enjoy access to the Grandview Community Pool. Click on the links for more information on renting Beachview 6 cottage.


The story of Grandview Lodge can best be told by telling the tale of Otto Roehl whose father arrived at Sparrow Lake in 1860. The Roehl brothers each purchased 100 acres from the Queen and proceeded to clear their land to establish homes and farms. Clearing the land wasn't easy, as tall pines, large oaks and monstrous elms up to four feet in diameter reached down to the water's edge. Fish were an important source of food and the muskellunge, pickeral, black bass and channel catfish were caught in abundance.

Otto built "Roehls" on the site of the William Roehl farm. In 1919, Otto sold "Roehls" to Jack Tresidder Sr. (who named it Torpitt) and built Grandview with 10 rooms as a place to retire. By 1925 he had expanded to 60 rooms! In 1938, Grandview was sold to his daughter and son-in-law, Mildred and Cecil Darker who established the successful Grandview Lodge Resort, eventually run by son Bill Darker. The Seabrook family acquired Grandview from the Darkers in 1988 and ran it until October 1999. The property is now owned by the Grandview Lakeside Community Club, and has been converted to a cottage community.

The Hendersons are in their 4th generation at Grandview and are pleased to be part of keeping this fine family vacation experience alive through cottage rental.

Photo Credit: J. Henderson, Text and photos Henderson Consulting, Copyright 2002.


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Wildlife - You'll feel close to nature right outside your door.

Grandview Community Pool - Relax, watch the kids play.

Grandview Property










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